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Next-Generation I-9 Management: ZipID is ​revolutionizing I-9 compliance with a suite of features

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Next-Gen I-9s with 1:1 ​ID Face Match

No Room for Doubt, rock the ​selfie! ZipID uses secure 1:1 ​face ID to make I-9s a breeze ​for everyone.

Unbeatable Customer Service ​- Built In, Not an Upgrade

Ditch the upgrade fees! ZipID's ​unmatched customer service ​includes video tutorials, a deep ​knowledge base, proactive ​support, and engaging content - ​all built-in, no matter your plan.

Zip through I-9s in Under ​8 Minutes (Seriously!)

Say goodbye to lengthy ​paperwork and hello to ​record-breaking efficiency. ​Get reminders, delegate ​tasks, and enjoy a smooth ​onboarding experience – all ​in one app.

Our secure system utilizes ​advanced biometric ​verification to confirm ​identities quickly and ​accurately, providing ​unmatched protection ​against fraud and ​unauthorized access.

Next Level Security

Sit back and Relax ​Streamlined Onboarding

Forget complex setups - ZipID is ​designed for effortless use. Our ​intuitive platform guides your ​team through the I-9 process ​with crystal-clear instructions ​and step-by-step prompts.

The result?

A streamlined, efficient I-9 process that ​allows HR teams to focus on the human touch ​– creating a positive first impression and ​fostering a welcoming company culture.

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ZipID ​becomes ​your ally:

We understand HR teams are the unsung ​heroes, often operating as lean machines or ​juggling multiple roles. Between offer letters, ​investigations, hiring, and countless other tasks, ​paperwork can easily fall to the bottom of the ​list. But that lingering pile of I-9s can come back ​to bite you later.

ZipID isn't here to add another burden. We're ​designed to empower you by streamlining the I-​9 process. We don't want you to become an ​expert in another software – that's why ZipID ​seamlessly integrates with your existing tools.

Spend time with your people, less on ​paperwork.

ZipID Protection Guarentee

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We protect your data ​and make sure you’re ​audit ready, always.

Seamless I-9s from any ​device, anywhere.

Encryption and ​individualized ​infrastructure protect ​your I-9s and company ​data.

We’ve got your back in ​building your hive.

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Connect with ​people.

We get it – I-9 software can leave you ​feeling overwhelmed and unsupported.

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We don’t promise the world and we don’t drop it in ​your lap. Our services offer a customer service suite ​that allows you to learn how to use our product your ​way. Whether that be a live person on the phone or ​visiting our learning center. We’ve got your back and ​we are always keeping our content fresh and ​engaging.

Click Here, Not ​There:

Digital ​Compliance ​with a Warm ​Welcome.

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Click Here, Not There: Digital I-9 Compliance with a Warm ​Welcome isn't about impersonal automation. It's about ​leveraging technology to streamline the I-9 process while ​preserving the human touch during onboarding.

Think of it this way: the traditional I-9 process is filled with ​"there's" – there's the mountain of paperwork, the risk of errors, ​and the potential for an impersonal first impression. With ZipID, ​it's all about the "here's" – here's a user-friendly platform that ​guides new hires through the process in minutes, here's built-in ​compliance to ensure everything is done correctly, and here's ​the freedom for HR teams to focus on building a warm welcome ​for new hires.

No Upsells, Just Great Service

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  • 3 hires per month + two free hires
  • Compliance Alerts
  • Audit Trail
  • E-Verify Integration
  • Asynchronies Personalized ​Customer Support

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Grow your business with additional ​features for added efficiency. 7 day ​free trial included.

  • 10 hires per month + two free hires
  • Compliance Alerts
  • Audit Trail
  • E-Verify Integration
  • Asynchronies Personalized ​Customer Support
  • Dedicated New Hire Support

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Take your business to the next level ​with future-proof integrations. 7 day ​free trial included.

  • 20 hires per month + two free hires
  • Compliance Alerts
  • Audit Trail
  • E-Verify Integration
  • Asynchronies Personalized ​Customer Support
  • 100% Data Isolation

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We don't nickel and dime you for better support. You get access to ​our full suite of resources regardless of your plan.

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